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09/04/33 · skywatcher 80ED 7D. 19/02/30 · The Sky-Watcher Pro 100ED APO Refractor. By Dave Ponder. I love refractors! My first scope back in the 70s was an RV-6, which was an excellent scope in its own right, but I always longed for a nice refractor. To this day, I still like to gaze over Unitron advertisements in. 16/03/34 · Page 1 of 2 - Planetary Observing With A Skywatcher EVOSTAR 100 ED - posted in Refractors: After several weeks of observing Jupiter and the moon as well as some double stars with my new Evostar 100 ED refractor, Ive been quite impressed with what this 4 F9 apo can do!! Jupiters cloud bands and GRS have been seen in detail that I only previously saw through a 5 inch achromat and the. The Skywatcher EvoStar 80Ed is a great scope for the money. Views are excellent using the supplied 20mm and 5mm eyepieces. I was unsure how the scope would respond using the 5mm eyepiece, and was pleasantly surprised that the views with this ocular were sharp and crisp. A pre-dispatch optical bench test is now available for this telescope, for details see here. Sky-Watcher Professional ESPRIT 3-Element ED apochromatic refractors offer optical performance rivalling or exceeding similar telescopes from even the most famous high-end brands.

I've had this scope a couple of months now and I think it's lovely A 4" refractor is a nice instrument and it's short enough to work well on my AZ4 mount without torque issues and is very solid on my HEQ5. Views of the moon and planets are satisfying, as are star clusters and brighter DSO from my urban garden and it's excellent for white light solar viewing with the right filters - though. 05/03/34 · Page 1 of 2 - Skywatcher 100ED / 120 ED price difference. - posted in Refractors: Reading through the forums I notice the 120ED seems to be praised as a great bargain and seems to be by far the most popular of the two. I dont hear nearly as much about the 100ED. At less than half the price and only 20mm difference, Im surprised the 100ED doesnt get more credit. Perhaps something visually.

06/09/38 · Hi, I posted in the getting started with imaging page as I am looking for my first scope but I want to do imaging with it as well as general viewing. I dont want a dob due to the size. I have been looking at the Evostar 80ED DS Pro outfit or the 200P DS OTA. I presume I can use the 200P for gener. 19/12/39 · Unboxing a Sky-Watcher Esprit 100ED Telescope. Skywatcher Esprit 100 ED Triplet APO Refractor Telescope: Unboxing Video - Duration: 12:58. Optics Central 4,896 views. 12:58. 27/12/40 · Hello, I am in the market for a Refractor for both visual and AP purposes, planetary and DSO. I currently have a Skywatcher Skymax 127, as well as a Skywatcher 150P Newton. I have a HEQ5 Pro mount. I have been tossing up between one of the following: S.

12/06/39 · Hello! i am being offered this 100ED at a price which is hard to resist by an acquaintance who inherited it and doesnt plan on checking out galaxies as he put it LOL, it looks like a well built scope and a good frac is a scope for life, anyone have/had this scope? thx!

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